Studio Questions

What is your approach?

Our secret sauce is storytelling and customization. Doing the creative work that we do, we can go in a lot of different directions. So we developed a whole step by step Cinestory customization system to make sure we deliver your memories in your way, and it's personalized. 

Who are you?

Unlike most other Wedding Photography and Videography Companies, we are an actual team. You can think of it as more of a movie production rather than a one man show. Everyone has their responsibility and they do what they are best at. This also allowed us to create a studio where photography and videography are equal, which lets us get great results for both consistently. 

Who are your clients?

People who appreciate art and don't like ordinary. We are not for couples who are just  looking for someone to take their wedding photos and video in the old fashioned formulaic way. Our clients are creative, hard working, visionaries and excited about making magic.

Is there a difference between different shooters?

No, we have a whole training system to make sure our shooters' soft and hard skills are consistent and each client gets the same quality.

How many weddings have you shot?

We shoot and plan about 200 weddings a year at this point. 

Do you travel?

Absolutely! Travel fee is mostly just our travel expanses (like flight tickets and hotel), and these areas are Free of charge: 

-Los Angeles

-San Francisco

-San Diego

-Santa Barbara

-Big Sur

-Palm Springs

-Napa Valley

Do you shoot traditional weddings?

Traditional weddings align with our style of shooting, as we are experts in documentary. We also have shot a big variety of traditions and we try to match you with shooters who have had experience with your tradition. In addition to that we always do more research to refresh our momory. 

Photo Questions

How many photos can we expect?

Depending on the Package you get, it varies from 300-600 photos, and 50-80 for an engagement photoshoot.

Can I see a full gallery?

Absolutely! You're probably used to seeing the other 99% of companies that have their top 20 shot to look at. It is difficult to judge the level of photography just by the best shots that photographers choose. To showcase our consistency we feature full wedding galleries

How do we get our photos and what is the turnaround time?

Photos are delivered in 5-6 weeks. All of our clients get an Online Gallery - which is an easy way to share photos with everyone, and is structured in a convenient way (by categories like: details/prep/first look/ceremony/etc.) and a Dropbox link, just to back up the files. 

Do you design albums?

Yes we do! With every Online gallery our clients are able to create an album. We have selected the best materials and page layouts, all you have to do is drag and drop. Here is what our albums look like.

How do you handle lowlight?

All of our lead shooters use flashes when necessary. 

Film Questions

Who chooses the music?

Music is the guiding force being the mood of your wedding film. That is why we created a library of over 50 songs with licenses to choose from. With different genres, moods, pace and more. If you don't like our music selection, we can always edit to yours, but we can't promise the same outcome. 

Can I customize my film?

Customization is our signature. We developed a whole system to customize your wedding film. You will be guided step by step, and will get to choose: music, narrative structure, usage of vows, and more. This makes it your movie, and not another wedding video. 

What if I want to change something?

We allow up to two reedits.

How do I get my files and what is the turnaround time?

Films are delivered in 5-6 weeks. You will be getting it in your Online gallery (if you have us do photography) or you will get a Vimeo link. In addition to that you will get a Dropbox link for back up. 

Booking Questions

How do I book you guys? And what is your payment schedule? 

Reach out through our Contact Form. Schedule a call. Signing a contract plus a $500 deposit will secure your date. 35% of the package total is due by 2 weeks from signing the contract, and the rest is due 1 week prior to your wedding day.  

How do you count hours? What if I have a downtime in-between? 

We count the hours from the start to the end. So if you want to have us from 12PM, and you have an 8 hour Package, we will end at 8PM. If you have one break that's over 2 hours long (and does not include travel), we can count it as half. So if you don't need us from 11AM to 3PM, it will be counted as 2 hours. 

What if we go over the time contracted?

The team will ask you if you would like to add additional time, and it will be $799 per hour for both photo and video, and $399 for photo or video only. 

Do you have a Liability Insurance?

Yes we do, up to $2,000,000 of coverage. Included with any package.