• Simple Pricing, TAX and Travel are included, no hidden fees.

• Fast Turnaround Time, 5-6 weeks from your wedding day. ​

• Ability to Upgrade, as long as we have shooters available. 

• Referral Program​ - get free add-ons. 



6 Hours


1 Videographer

Short Film (3-4 min)


8 Hours


2 Videographers

Short Film (4-5 min)

V3 (popular)

Full Day 


2 Videographers

​Short Film (5-6 min)

Full Movie Edit (1 hour)


Full Day


3 Videographer​s

Short Film (5-6 min)

Full Movie Edit (1 hour)

RED Camera (cinema camera used for movies and Netflix)

After Wedding Shoot (a two hour session a day after your wedding)


Teaser Video


This is a 45 second edit to be shared on social media. The turn around time is 14 days.

Full Movie Edit


• can be added after your wedding day

This is a documentary style 1 hour long film, chronological order, multiple cameras and sound sources are being synchronized. Audience for this film is usually your close family. 

RED Cinema Camera


A High Tech Camera that is being widely used in Hollywood. Here are some movies and Netflix shows that are shot on RED. This quality makes your wedding films future proof.​



There is no need to use helicopters, drone footage makes your film look more upscale, and it's a great way to show the location. *some locations do not allow the use of drones

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Tel: 1 323-348-0042