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Our Packages are Simple: TAX and Travel are included, no hidden fees.

F3 and FX Packages come with Unlimited Hours.

​All of our videography packages include a Short Film like the ones you can find in the Film section. All delivered via Dropbox or an Online Gallery in 5-6 weeks. 


Some Add-ons, like Full Movie Edit can be added after the wedding day. 



6 Hours


1 Videographer

Short Film (3-4 min)


8 Hours


2 Videographers

Short Film (4-5 min)


Full Day 


2 Videographers

​Short Film (5-6 min)

Full Movie Edit (1-2 hour)

FX (new)

Unlimited Hrs


3 Videographer​s

Short Film (5-6 min)

Full Movie Edit

After Wedding Shoot

RED Camera (cinema camera used for movies and Netflix)


(also available as a gift for a referral)

Full Movie Edit

$749/899 post wedding

This is a documentary style 1-2 hour long film, chronological order, multiple cameras and sound sources are being synchronized. Audience for this film is usually your close family. You can also add it after your wedding day. 

RED Cinema Camera (new)


A High Tech Camera that is being widely used in Hollywood. Here are some movies and Netflix shows that are shot on RED. This quality makes your wedding films future proof.​



There is no need to use helicopters, drone footage makes your film look more upscale, and it's a great way to show the location. *some locations do not allow the use of drones

Instagram Teaser


This is a 1 minute edit ideal for sharing on social media. The turn around time is 1 week.


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