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A Groom's guide to posing | Pro tips

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

“He wore a tailor's masterpiece of obsidian fabric so expensive that it would've been personally offended to have been referred to as a 'black suit'. It was a really nice black suit.” ― Mandy Ashcraf

In this post we will be detailing what poses we have our groom's do that make them feel born camera ready.


In this pose the groom stands straight facing the camera. The groom's hands can be placed in 4 ways: Clasped in front of his hips, clasped behind his back, hands in his pocket and arms crossed. This pose allows the photographers and videographers to get the full details of what the groom is wearing that day and how it all looks together. In the pose the groom can smile or keep a "blue steel" type of glare.

Pro tip: The groom can turn his head to either side allowing the photographers and videographers to get his good side.


In this pose we have the grooms sitting on a chair either putting on shoes or we catch them in a deep thought. This pose acts more like a candid, a moment frozen in time. The groom can be leaned over putting on his socks and shoes or he can be sitting one leg crossed over the other.

Pro tip: The groom should avoid looking at the camera.


For this pose we let our groom just get ready. We let him put on his bowtie, fix his cufflinks and put his jacket on. These are more candid and not super posed. We like our grooms to feel like we are documenting rather than directing.

Pro tip: Don't look into the camera just act natural.


This is our favorite pose. When looking at the final photo, viewers feel a sense of mystery, serenity and drama. The pose itself is very simple. We place our grooms in front of a large window. The groom can stand profile or completely straight towards the window. The grooms hands can be placed naturally at his side or in his pockets.

We hope this post has helped you on your wedding journey!


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