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Tropical Barbados beach wedding | Kelley & Michael

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

"The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination and brings eternal joy to the soul." —Wyland

When Kelley and Michael asked us to take photos for their engagement, we were ecstatic. Their special moment allowed us to find beauty in the concrete jungle that is Downtown Los Angeles. A few months later, and we’re lucky enough to shoot the couple’s tropical beach-side wedding.

Kelley and Michael, bringing their loved ones along for the journey, traveled across the globe to seal their love with a kiss on the beaches of Barbados. The infallible clear water running aside the pristine white sand made for a beautiful background to this beautiful celebration of love.

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The couple’s March marriage was a prime example of a modern destination wedding gone right. Of course, before the two became the newly minted Mr. and Mrs., they started their big day off separately.

Somewhere on one side of the Barbados shore, Kelley prepared with some of her girlfriends. Donning matching robes, the bride and her entourage, including mom, enjoyed champagne and sweet moments. Kelley rehearsed her vows she would say to the man of her dreams hours later.

Kelley’s Mother helped her get dressed in her elegant wedding gown, a must for brides to-be and their mothers. The mermaid gown hugged Kelley’s figure and boasted floral details at every angle.

The bride matched her gown with a simple, yet effective headband. Once she fully dressed, dad came in for a sneak peak and shared a special moment with his daughter for hours later he would give her away at the beach-side alter.

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Not too far away, Michael did his own preparations. Before getting dressed and heading out to the wedding site, Michael sat down and got a fresh cut. Like Kelley, he also prepared his loving vows and read them aloud.

Finally, it was time to get dressed to impress. Unlike the classical black-and-white tuxedo, Michael went with a navy blue suit sans bowtie. This casual look added to the modern feel of the wedding without compromising formalities. Not too long after, it was time to hit the beach.

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Once at the beach, there was no time to waste. Guests took their seats as witnesses on the white sand beach as Michael waited at the alter for his fiancée, soon to be bride. Not too long after, Kelley arrived with her father to the beach gazebo, baring an excited smile.

Upon seeing his beautiful bride for the first time, Michael couldn’t hold back the tears and her father brought Kelley to the altar. As witnesses watched the bride, her father kissed her on the cheek and gave his daughter away. Once reunited the couple held hands and so the ceremony began.

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The two finally recited the vows they’ve been preparing for weeks, if not months. Kelley thanked Michael for being there for her and also thanked God for bringing the two of them together. “You are my joy, by best friend, my lover, my happiness and my peace,” Kelley read.

“Kelley you are always the brightest person I know. Your radiant smile, especially, is what has stolen my heart,” Michael read his vows. “I promise to be patient with you when you are acting crazy being hungry. Promise to be with you through all the other rough moments.”

The couple’s moving vows brought tears to their loved one’s eyes and of course, each other’s.

After slipping the rings on each other’s fingers and following a few traditions and words from loved ones, the two finally kissed and basked in the love of those who surrounded them as Mr. and Mrs. Daniels.

Before heading to the incredibly fun after party, we had the pleasure of taking Kelley and Michael’s group shots. The love that radiated between the newlyweds was only mirrored by those who came with them to the tropical island.

The pink bridesmaids gowns matched with the navy and white grooms men ensembles beautifully contrasted against the Barbados beach’s pastel colors. With the white sand, turquoise water and beautiful families, this was truly a dream wedding.

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A spacious ballroom decorated with pastel pink table settings was the next location for this destination wedding. On theme with the tropical, each table, decorated with white roses and a picture of the couple, was named after different luxury destinations.

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At the reception, dancing and rejoicing never came to an end once the newlyweds walked into the room. They respective entourages and their loved ones hyped them up and set the tone for a wonderful evening.

What followed were moving traditions that every wedding must have. Kicking off the evening of traditions was Kelley taking her father to center stage for an emotional first dance. Not soon after Michael followed up taking his mom for a spin in the ballroom.

Of course, a moment to behold was Kelley and Michael finally holding each other and swaying to the music for the first time as husband and wife. The held their hands as their friends and family looked upon, truly a vision to behold.

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The evening continued with fun traditions that really made this reception one to remember. The couple sliced into their three-tiered wedding cake and fed each other. Of course, Kelly and Michael couldn’t forget about the most amusing parts of a wedding reception.

The new bride called the single ladies in the crowd out to the dance floor for the bouquet toss. They gathered together, some bridesmaids and others loved ones, for a chance to catch the Kelley’s flowers. A lucky friend, clad in blue, caught the bouquet and celebrated with the bride.

Without a moment to spare, it was Michael’s turn to lead the single men in the room through the garter toss. After retrieving the garter under Kelley’s dress with his teeth, Michael showed it off to the crowd and tossed it behind him to men eager to catch it. After, those lucky enough to catch the bouquet and the garter got together as those in attendance looked on.

Barbados has been an island of beauty given its natural landscapes and its ability to be an escape. Kelley and Michael, with the soul and passion that emanated from their love, added to the island’s beauty and memory.

Relive Kelley and Michael's special day below:


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