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Chic and Modern Bay Area Wedding | Lily + Danny

"It seemed like a matter of minutes when we began rolling in the foothills before Oakland and suddenly reached a height and saw stretched out ahead of us the fabulous white city of San Francisco on her eleven mystic hills with the blue Pacific and its advancing wall of potato-patch fog beyond, and smoke and goldenness in the late afternoon of time." - Jack Kerouac

When they tied the knot at what was once Oakland’s bustling 16th Street Station, Lily and Danny started off married life on the right track. Deep in the heart of Oakland, Calif., the out of service station provided the couple with a humble and contemporary setting that added personality to the couple’s big day.

The historic landmark, designed by Jarvis Hunt, was once a stop on the Pacific Railroad. The station, which ran from 1912 to 1994, helped fill the bride and groom’s day with joy, good vibes and the comforts of love. As the trains of 16th street station’s yesteryear led with determination and force from point A to B, Lily and Danny will forged a path of beauty and trust for years to come.

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Though both Lily and Danny were en route to the altar since their engagement, they started the big day’s journey off in separate locations. Over at Danny’s side, friends gathered to hype Lily’s soon-to-be husband.

Once he slipped on his fancy shoes, his luxurious cufflinks and spritzed his favorite cologne, the groom joined his entourage for a quick cheers. Then men reveled in the they excitement shared for their beloved Danny.

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Across town, Lily started the preparation process with the important women in her lives. Everything in the room had to be picture perfect, and they were. Lily was a vision to behold even before she slipped on her beautiful dress.

The bride’s room had a number of loved ones ranging in relation and age. In their matching black gowns, Lily’s younger relatives entertained themselves as the bride-to-be went through different steps for her bridal transformation.

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Lily’s bridesmaids donned matching black robes and, similar to Danny and his men, shared a toast of excitement and well-being to kick off the day. Even before the bride and her husband-to-be walked down the aisle, celebration was already in order.

Oncer her hair and makeup was complete, Lily slipped into her long-sleeve gown. The dress, by the way it accentuates her figure and highlighters her beauty, seemed like it was made just for her. With a dreamy trail and exquisite detailing, the dress was just right for Lily.

Once his bride finally met him at the altar, Danny had love in his eyes and showed a bright smile. The husband and wife to-be shared their moving vows and stared lovingly at each other.

"Danny, I'm crazy about you. You're everything I've ever wanted and all that I need. You're my best friend and my one true love," Lily told her groom. "Because of you, I'm happier that I could have ever imagined."

"Today, I've married my one and only. I'm here to make you the happiest woman alive and I'm proud to do so...to see you in that white dress is but a dream," he told her. "I'm looking forward to continuing our life in the best way possible: with each other."

The love and passion they had for the other was palpable. Soon enough, they shared their kiss and attendees broke into tears and resounding applause.

Of course, the ceremony was half of the celebration. Following the moving ceremony, the 16th Street Station became a lively banquet hall filled to the brim with vibrant colors and rocking music. Attendees feasted on hor d'oeuvres and cheese platters until the couple arrived, dancing hand-in-hand.

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The evening continued with a number of traditions including the couple’s first dance and the father-daughter dance. Lily and her father took center stage and swayed as loved ones in the crowd sang along to the music.

The evening was filled with good times and memories worth making. One of the highlights of the night also included the couple slicing into their three-tiered wedding cake, which donned the same roses that decorated the venue.

While the couple feasted on their cake, attendees had their share of delectable mochi donuts. The sweet treats came in a number of flavors including charcoal, chocolate and cinnamon-sugar.

Though Lily and Danny’s day meant the attention was on them, they shared the spotlight as the groom’s men shared testimonials and performed a number.

Lily greeted elders and other family members after she changed from her wedding gown into silver traditional Vietnamese wedding wear. The traditional garb included yet another intricate gown, this time grey, with mesh insets and a matching circular, crown-like head piece.

The games and excitement felt throughout the wedding reception only continued as the bride and groom both played their respective games, the bouquet and garter toss. For the flower toss, a crowd of single ladies came out to the dance floor and Lily tossed her white rose bouquet to a lucky lady.

Before Danny could throw his wife’s garter to a crowd of eager bachelors, Lily made one last wardrobe change. From the traditional Vietnamese gown, the bride switched into her final dress, a short, glittery garment that matched her silver platform heels.

The garter toss attracted a number of bachelors, some joining the game via FaceTime. However, only one man was lucky enough to snag the garter, symbolizing a wedding in his future.

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Though the history of Oakland's 16th Street Station has come to an end, the once-busy hub of transit played an integral part in opening a new chapter in both Lily and Danny's lives. Their lively ceremony, full of moments to remember and loved ones to cherish, breathed life into the ancient.

Watch our highlights reel from Lily and Danny's big day at 16th Street Station below:


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