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City wedding Photo & Video Tips for Brides

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

“What strange phenomena we find in a great city, all we need do is stroll about with our eyes open. Life swarms with innocent monsters.”Charles Baudelaire

When planning for your wedding you might be thinking about where you and your partner can take those stunning creative couples portraits. Here is our guide to taking couples portraits in the urban jungle.

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Tip 1: Have sufficient time in your timeline

It is super important to remember to put a good amount of time in your timeline to do couples portraits.

Couples usually give their wedding photographers and wedding videographers 40-60 minutes to do couples portraits. This is a great amount of time for you and your team to get amazing shots and travel (yes travel) from your venue to the shooting location.

Pro Tip: Doing couples portraits with a first look allows you two to have more intimate alone time during your crazy whirlwind of a day.

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Tip 2: Scout for locations before hand

If you are planning ahead to take photos in places other than your venue plan with your wedding creative team before hand so transportation and locations are clear to everyone.

If you do decide to just walk around and see what you can find make sure you are comfortable to walk around.

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Tip 3: Don't bring a big crowd

As couples portraits go, it should only be you and your fiancée (furry friends like dogs and cats are always allowed). Having a smaller group of just you and your wedding videographers and wedding photographers will make traveling easier as well.

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Tip 4: Don't just find a wall

The streets are filled with a bunch of stunning textures and art installments. Use these to your advantage! Finding walls with lines running across it might not look cool to the average person but it can be photography gold!

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Tip 5: Actually use the streets

No this isn't the easiest thing to achieve. We suggest two options: 1.Finding an empty street 2.Walking across a very busy one.

The first option allows for some cool details shots of shoes etc. It's also cool to say that you took your couples portraits on an empty street.

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The second option will allow you to turn a real life hassle (who likes walking in busy streets) into a collection of modern fairytale photos.

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That's it! These our 5 tips for getting really awesome couples portraits in the city. We hope you enjoyed this short read!

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