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Classic Style Wedding at Hummingbird Nest Ranch | Payvand + Brenn

"Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream." ~Khalil Gibran
Classic Style Wedding at Hummingbird Nest Ranch

Payvand and Brenn brought personality, excitement and a fresh twist to their classic style wedding at Simi Valley’s Hummingbird Nest Ranch. The two celebrated their love with a ceremony and reception that will never go out of style.

Simi Valley Wedding
Simi Valley Wedding Reception

A hidden jewel of the Southern California neighborhood, Hummingbird Nest Ranch offered a pristine outdoor setting that emphasized Southern California’s beauty but also heightened the feelings of happiness and love in those celebrating the couple.

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SoCal Classic Style Wedding

During their big Payvand and Brenn demonstrated why the classic style is a fool-proof way to go. Their pristine outfits and classically styled events allowed them to shine and keep all eyes on them.

The couple’s wedding day was one of clear skies and warm weather, perfect conditions for an incredible day. Payvand and Brenn prepared for their walk down the aisle in different locations of the Simi Valley ranch.

Classic Style Groom Wear

Over on the groom’s side, Brenn met up with his best man to put on his classic style tuxedo. Though Brenn’s tux may have been the traditional black and white, with a bowtie, he wore it well and customized it with sleek cufflinks and a stylish watch.

Just like that Brenn was the epitome of what every groom should look like on their big day, clean cut and handsome. Of course, he was only a perfect match for the bride he’d meet at the altar mere hours later.

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Classic Style Groom
Classic Style Groom Accessories
In The Groom's Room
Simi Valley Groom and Entourage

The bride’s preparation began with meeting up with members of her entourage including friends and family. As the ladies prepped with their hair and makeup stylists, they donned matching robes, with Payvand’s being white, of course.

Bride and Entourage in Simi Valley
Bridesmaid Inspiration

It was a great time for Payvand to celebrate the last hours of unmarried life with her friends all around her. The bride’s dress was one that mixed the classic style ball gown with a more modern bodice.

Simi Valley Classic Style Wedding
Classic Style Wedding

Instead of the traditional cap sleeve or long sleeve bodice, Payvand’s gown featured a spaghetti strap top that added to the classic simplicity of her overall look. Her bridesmaids sported dresses in different shades and hues of pink. Some baby pink, others a blush tone.

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Bridesmaid Dresses
Hummingbird Nest Ranch

After hair and makeup, it was time for Payvand to to put on the beautiful gown. With a little help from her mother, Payvand was ready for the altar. But even before she walked down the aisle, she already had admirers in her entourage.

Finally it was time for the outdoor ceremony to commence. Held at one of the ranch’s open spaces, verdant with local shrubbery and trees, the ceremony allowed attendees and the bride and groom to bask in the warm Southern California weather.

Hummingbird Nest Ranch Ceremony

The altar, modestly decorated with white flowers and silver platters, was an extension of the couple’s chic, yet classic aesthetic.

Classic Style Wedding Altar
Simi Valley Classic Wedding

The ceremony was underway just as the sun came over the leafy trees. Brenn’s mother escorted her son down the altar where he would await his beautiful wife-to-be. The mother and son turned heads and brought joyful tears to eyes.

Simi Valley Bride
Hummingbird Nest Ranch Wedding

Not soon after, Payvand graced the aisle with a sparkling smile that only augmented her beauty. Joined by her father, the bride made her way to her fiance who lifted her simple veil and beamed with pride and excitement.

Wedding Photography Simi Valley

Payvand and Brenn sat side by side at the altar and their priest began the procession. After going through the steps of their traditional ceremony, the two exchanged their vows and joined hands.

Classic Style Wedding

Soon enough they kissed each other and were dubbed husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Their friends and family caught the precious moments on their phones and cheered as soon as the couple kissed.

Wedding at Hummingbird Nest Ranch
Fun Wedding Ceremony in Simi Valley

Following the ceremony, the bride, groom and their loved ones noshed on fresh sushi and delectable fruits.

Fresh Sushi at Hummingbird Nest Ranch
Fresh Sushi at Simi Valley Resort
Hummingbird Nest Ranch Reception

What came hours after the memorable ceremony was a reception just as exciting and beautiful. Payvand and Brenn’s water-side party gave life to the Simi Valley ranch and added to the list of thrilling memories held at the venue.

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Simi Valley Wedding Reception
Classic Style Wedding

The outdoor party featured a list of exciting aspects, from a live band to a dance floor. The blue and purple hues of the Simi Valley sunset were the perfect background to this lively celebration of love.

Fun Night at Hummingbird Nest Ranch

From the dreamy sunset to the high energy on the dance floor, this wedding party was everything a reception should be. Though the newlyweds were definitely a sight to behold on the dance floor as they shared their first dance, the dance floor was for everyone.

Dance Floor at Hummingbird Nest Ranch

Friends and family of all ages showed off their dance moves as the live band and DJs jammed out to their hearts desire behind them. As the night progressed, the reception became less a wedding party and more like a concert.

Like a concert, attendees were there to witness an act of love and greatness, an act they will cherish for years to come. Friends and family, along with Payvand and Brenn, hit the dance floor like their was no tomorrow.

Wedding Reception in Simi Valley
Lively SoCal Wedding Reception

Of course all wedding receptions must have the classic bride and grooms games. After clearing the dance floor for a bit, Payvand tossed her bouquet to all the single ladies in attendance. Not shortly after, Brenn tossed a rose form the bouquet, in lieu of Payvand’s garment, to all the bachelors of the evening.

Payvand and Brenn, surrounded by their loved ones, a busy dance floor and lively musical acts, brought in their marriage with the right note.

Classic Style Wedding Inpsiration


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