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Golden Rustic Malibu Wedding | Emily + Matt

Updated: May 21, 2020

Marriage is not just spiritual communion, it is also remembering to take out the trash.– Joyce Brothers
Golden Rustic Malibu Wedding

In Los Angeles fashion, Emily and Matt came together as husband and wife in the rolling, golden hills of Malibu. Held at a private estate, the couple’s big day welcomed a handful of friends and family for an intimate celebration under the California sky.

The private Malibu, in addition to superb views of the coastline and the mountains that connect with it, boasted humble architecture and fixtures perfect for this smaller get together. On one hand, the estate’s luxurious pool added reflected the perfect Malibu day. On the other, the outdoor space featured an intimate setting for a lovely ceremony.

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The day at the charming residence began with both the bride and groom preparing themselves for the walk down the aisle. In one pristine room, Matt slipped on his suit. For the less formal rustic ceremony, Matt opted for a skinny black tie, instead of a bowtie, to dress up his black suit.

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Of course, Matt wasn’t all by himself when getting ready for his big day. His old man made sure to seize the moment to fix up his son before he takes his beloved Emily for his wife. Even before the ceremony and reception, both the bride and groom got a taste of the luscious Malibu landscape.

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Over in Emily’s room, the bride got ready with a team of makeup artists and hairstylists. After she was out of the stylists’ chair, Emily was radiant with simple yet effective makeup that only bolstered her natural beauty.

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Finally, it was time for her to put on her dress. Instead of the traditional ball gown of classic style weddings or more contemporary takes on a wedding dress of modern weddings, Emily opted for a flowing gown with intricate lace designs.

The gown, which featured floral and leaf-like patterns, matched perfectly with Emily’s simple mug and ‘do. The bride also accessorized her gown with beautiful silver jewelry. Of course, mom had to be there to zip up the dress. Definitely not a moment she’d want to miss.

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Rustic Malibu Hills Wedding

With just a few final touches on both sides, it was time for a breathtaking ceremony at golden hour. The sun, making its way closer and closer to the horizon, gave everything it hit a golden tinge – from the flower arrangements to Emily’s perfectly curled ringlets.

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Finally, Emily, escorted by her father, made her way down the golden aisle to meet her husband-to-be. Teary-eyed, Matt watched alongside his father and the priest as Emily took slow steps.

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Though a smaller, more intimate wedding, Emily and Matt’s big day saw a strong showing of love and support from friends and family, nonetheless. It was all smiles and joy at this coastal ceremony.

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The couple, doused in the light of the setting sun, were a vision to witness as they exchanged words of love to each other. They brought tears and smiles to all those who attended this moving ceremony.

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Slowly lowering past the horizon, the sun provided the newlyweds with a perfectly natural backdrop to their first photos as husband and wife. If anything, this small private wedding showed us the magic of golden hour.

They explored the hills surrounding the estate and made use of the sun’s colors, from golden to orange to purple. But soon enough, it was time to celebrate the newlyweds under the stars over the California coast.

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After the ceremony; friends, family and guests sat down at a gorgeous table adorned with a vibrant floral centerpiece and candles. The banquet table seated everyone in attendance, making the big day feel even more personal and intimate than others.

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Following the main feast, loved ones joined the newlyweds for toasts and cake cutting. The couple’s parents shared moving words of appreciation and advice as the bride and groom looked smiled and held each other.

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Intimate Malibu Wedding Reception

The cake, a three-tiered work of confectionary art, featured a quirky and personal cake-topper. Instead of the traditional miniature figures of the bride and groom in their wedding best, the decoration was a figurine of Matt with a virtual reality headset with Emily by his side.

Given the beautiful golden hour ceremony and the reception underneath the stars, Emily and Matt’s big day felt like a dream beyond our world.

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