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Huntington Beach Southeast Asian Wedding | Steph + Suraj

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at it's destination full of hope.” —Maya Angelou
Hindu Wedding Photography

The sound of waves rising and crashing at the Huntington Beach shore was the perfect soundtrack to this couple’s big day. Held at the Waterfront Beach Resort in Huntington Beach, Stephanie and Suraj's wedding commerated their unforgettable love.

The vibrancy of traditional Southeast Asian wedding traditions, from intricate outfits to lively dances, popped against the blue California sea and sky, just feet away from the venue. The couple’s big day brought not just one, but two impressive and memorable displays of love, family and marriage.

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Stephanie and Suraj’s big day by the coast began with preparations at the resort’s luxurious rooms. The first ceremony to get ready for was the traditional Hindu ceremony, an experience so moving and generations in the making.

Traditional Hindu Wedding

Over at the groom’s side, Suraj put on his golden tunic. The tunic shone brightly with a beautiful gold pattern and red trimmings on the bottom. He paired this with matching narrow-toed shoes and a luxurious red sash with gold details.

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Hindu Wedding Attire
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On Stephanie’s side of the Huntington beach staple, red and gold rung as vibrant as they did with Suraj. Stephanie donned a three-piece ensemble consisting of a cropped blouse and a matching high-waisted skirt, both beautifully decorated with red and gold.

The third piece of the bride’s outfit was a pink sari, to be draped around her, with similar trimmings displayed on Suraj’s tunic. And while the clothing itself was a sight to behold, the bride also donned intricate accessories.

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Traditional Hindu Gown

First, there was the headpiece, which wrapped around her hair and included a circle that rested on her forehead. In addition to that, she sported multiple bangles, matching with the red and gold motif, and detailed henna tattoos.

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Together, the future husband and wife to-be were a beautiful vision to behold, with deep shades of red and gold popping against the seaside. Once finally dressed for the traditional ceremony, the two made their way to the traditional Hindu altar.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Together, the future husband and wife to-be were a beautiful vision to behold, with deep shades of red and gold popping against the seaside. Once finally dressed for the traditional ceremony, the two made their way to the traditional Hindu altar.

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Hindu Wedding Ceremony
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Suraj rode on horseback, with the steed donning the same colors, to the ceremony. His loved ones, family members and friends surrounded as they, too, made their way to the destination. This procession is called the baraat. During this tradition, which originates in North India, the groom’s family members sing and lead the way to the wedding.

Once the groom’s family members and other attendees settled down in the resort’s outdoor area, Stephanie walked down the aisle with her father holding her. The two, along with Stephanie’s relative sat down with Suraj’s family members to begin the ceremony.

Hindu Weedding Traditon
Traditional Wedding Photography

While taking part of the traditions, the two also exchanged beaming smiles. They knew that they were partaking in something important, significant and beautiful. After the formalities, such as touching their feet for the ashirvada, the two became man and wife.

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Hindu Wedding Tradition

Following the traditional Hindu ceremony, the two switched into their Western wedding attire. Instead of donning the red and gold ensembles, Suraj changed into a traditional tuxedo and Stephanie into a simple, white gown with mesh inserts.

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Huntington Beach Wedding

The couple’s big day went from a respectful and traditional ceremony in the outdoor area to a fun and exciting reception in the resort’s ballroom. The ballroom, which comfortably fit the couple’s guest, featured a roomy dance floor and ample space for the couple’s seat.

Beaming with pride and joy, the newlyweds took their first dance as man and wife. They swayed and stepped as their loved ones looked on. The dancing, however, was far from over. Like any wedding, Stephanie and Suraj’s reception featured hours of energetic dancing.

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Suraj took his mom to the floor for the mother son dance and Stephanie her father for their own dance. While these moments were ones to cherish and remember, another, sweeter one followed.

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The couple headed over to their classic and clean three-tier wedding cake for the cake cutting. They held the cake knife in their hands, decorated with dark brown henna tattoos, sliced and shared the dessert.

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After the cake cutting, the newlyweds returned to their seats for even more dancing. Instead of taking center stage themselves, loved ones performed choreographed sets. They stomped, twisted and turned, highlighting the dynamic and exciting steps the celebrants will take together as husband and wife in the future.

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