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Classic Jewish vineyard wedding | Danielle & Yair

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

"Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your love is better than wine." - King Solomon (Song of Songs 1:2)

High atop a hill overlooking acres of greenery and vegetation, Danielle and Yair gathered with loved ones to come together as husband and wife. With the big day starting as fog rolled over the hills and ending hours after sunset, Yair and Danielle filled a typically silent hilltop with laughter and love.

Given the location and attire, Danielle and Yair’s wedding was far from Orthordox Jewish traditions. The couple added a rustic and modern flair to the religious wedding while retaining the faith and tradition of religious weddings.

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Though reunited and bonded by love at the end of the beautiful May day, Danielle and Yair prepared for the big day in separate locations throughout the hilltop estate. Over at Danielle’s side, friends, her mother and a makeup artists helped the bride transform to an image to behold.

Basking in the natural sunlight that surrounded the top-of-hill home, Danielle donned a pristine sweetheart gown with a flowing trail. In Orthodox Jewish tradition, brides wear gowns more on the conservative side. Nevertheless, Danielle graced everyone in the room with her presence.

She matched her flowy gown with a rustic hairstyle. Danielle went for an elegant set of curls and braids. To finish off her do, she added a sparkly barrette with gems and crystals arranged in a floral pattern similar to that on her dress.

On the opposite side of the hill, Yair got ready. That morning he was met with a beautiful view of green rolling hills and the ocean, a view that would be easily surpassed by the bride he would meet at the altar just hours later.

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As opposed to the typical black tuxedo or traditional Orthodox Jewish wardrobe, Yair opted for a slick grey suit. The grey suit is definitely the way for grooms to go to play it safe yet put a stylish, more casual twist on their look.

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Outside the hillside estate, Yair and Danielle’s loved ones gathered at the hilltop simply, yet effectively decorated with string lights and flower petals. Not soon after, the ceremony commenced with Danielle and Yair taking their places at the altar.

The soon-to-be husband and wife stood in front of their rabbi and exchanged vows, some in Hebrew with God as their witness. They spoke of remembering Jerusalem and how the two, as a new family, will fix the world.

Finally, the two did the traditional stomping of glass, shared a kiss and others screamed “Mazel Tov.” Congratulations for both the groom and bride were in order and family and friends were quick to share their love.

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After the ceremony, the bride and groom’s family gathered for a quick group photo session. With such a beautiful background and ceremony, how could you not document the uniting of two lovely families?

As the sun went down beyond the green hills of the vineyard, the new Mr. and Mrs. shone through the night as they took center stage at their rustic style wedding reception. The sunset might’ve indicated the passing of time, but the love this evening is truly timeless.

The evening was rife with old, but beloved Jewish traditions, along with meaningful moments that would forge a path into the future. The couple switched out of their ceremony attire and into something a little more party friendly.

Yair loosened up, shedding the tie and suit jacket. Danielle, on the other hand, swapped her beautiful gown for something a little more modern -- a white, lace jumpsuit. Definitely a perfect choice for hours of dancing.

The couple shared their first dance while friends and family looked one. It was a tender moment between husband and wife that everyone would remember for years to come. Of course, after their first dance it was time to get into one of the most amusing moments of the night.

In Jewish tradition, those attending a couple’s wedding hoist the new Mr. and Mrs. in chairs high above their heads and dance to the music. Danielle and Yair’s wedding made sure to include the beloved tradition.

The hours of dancing and festivities continued into the night, filling the lone hilltop with life and vibrancy. Like all wedding receptions, Danielle and Yair’s brought along sweet moments. Of course, the cake cutting was one of the sweeter ones.

The couple sliced into a simply decorated three-tier cake topped with their names and flowers. The two fed each other slices of cake with their fingers. While the cake was for the couple to share and relish, those in attendance got to feast on other treats.

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Next to the cake, the reception boasted donut towers that for guests. Of course, on top of the newlywed’s love, the happy vibes and hours of dancing, cake and desserts were a great way to end this memorable evening on a sweet note.

Though the day started at the summit of a beautiful hill overlooking the verdant landscapes of this vineyard, the day continued in every direction except downhill. The setting was just a close second in beauty as the relationship Yair and Danielle will continue to share for years to come.

Relive Yair and Danielle's beautiful ceremony and reception here:


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