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Modern style wedding | Wedding style

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." - Franklin P. Jones

You can’t go wrong with a classic-style wedding, but when most newlyweds go for the classic themes of an elegant wedding, it might be hard to stand out. If you’re looking to add more panache and personality to your big day, the modern style wedding might fit your bill.

Unlike the classic-style wedding, your modern-style wedding doesn’t have the cookie cutter essentials. From wardrobe, to venue to reception, the modern wedding allows for more self-expression. The best thing about modern weddings is that they will all be unique.

Whether you and your loved one are opting out of the traditional wedding attire or holding your ceremony in the hottest night spot of the city, here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your modern wedding.

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Modern Style Wedding


One of the perks with a modern wedding is that you and your loved one can plan a one-of-a-kind wedding ceremony. Though the elements of a classic-style wedding ceremony can easily be personalized, the modern wedding takes that freedom to a new level.

When you think of a wedding ceremony, it’s pretty likely that you’ll think of the classic church ceremony. With a modern wedding, you have the ability to say your vows anywhere you’d like, from an intimate garden to the back of a moving boat.

Modern Style LGBTQ Wedding In Downtown Los Angeles

Modern Wedding Groom Style at Levi's Stadium

You and your loved one can get more creative when it comes to picking your ceremony venue. We at CineStory films have seen a wide range. We’ve seen couples share their first looks at Levi's stadium, but we’ve also seen others tie the knot at Downtown L.A.’s Grammy museum.

However when thinking about the venue for your modern wedding you want to make sure that you have enough space for the following: an altar, your religious official and, of course, your loved ones.

Modern weddings mean that you and your fiancé(e) can select more, well, modern venues. But the more current and trendy those places may be, the more expensive they might be. This is one of the reasons more modern weddings tend to be more intimate than classical ones.

But whether you’re bringing along 50 or 5,000 guests to your modern wedding, your loved ones will be in for a wedding ceremony unique to you.

Not sure how many guests to invite to your special day? Read our guide here.

Planning Your Modern Wedding


Something you’ll notice while planning your modern wedding is that you can stray as far as possible from the typical wedding structure. In modern weddings, you can completely redefine what matrimonial attire means.

For those of you hoping to wear a dress, you can go for unconventional silhouettes and details. Where the classic-style wedding might highlight lace and sequins, the modern wedding features splashes of color and even more metallic accents.

How to Plan Your Modern Wedding

These kinds of details can find themselves in the accessories you sport for your big day or on your version of a wedding gown. Keep in mind however, that it’s totally possible to forgo the dress completely and opt for more modern options, like a geometric jumpsuit or even a pantsuit.

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Those planning on wearing tuxedos to the altar can also add more personality by adding more modern accessories. They can swap out the bowtie for a more colorful and casual tie, they can also sport meaningful pins and colorful pocket squares.

When it comes to dressing for your modern wedding, the sky’s the limit. Adding splashes of color and twists of personality can help your special day feel more current and hip. You can make it as simple or as grand as you’d like. Take a look below for inspiration

Wedding Planning: Modern Style Wedding

LGBTQ Modern Wedding Style

For example, grooms Aleks and Rafa added intricate capes to their looks. The capes elevated their looks from the normal tuxedos and added an element of drama to their modern wedding. When you compare these two weddings, you can see that it’s hard not to be unique.

LGBTQ Modern Wedding Style


Of course, once you and your fiancee say your vows, the party must continue. Another benefit with modern wedding venues is that they can also double as your reception area, phasing out the need to transport guests from point A to point B

Take this Grammy Museum wedding for example. Richard and Grace walked down the aisle at the outdoor area of the Downtown L.A. museum and kept the festivities out in the fresh air for a no-fuss party zone.

With modern weddings, you don’t need a roof to raise the roof, unlike typical banquet halls. Outdoor spaces will give you the chance to see the sky go from bright, to golden, to dark.

Modern Wedding Style Venue

How to Plan Your Modern Wedding

Urban settings more typical for modern weddings also act as blank canvases you can decorate with symbols commemorating your love. At Aleks and Rafa’s wedding at Downtown L.A.’s Millwick, they added decorations that paid homage to their respective backgrounds.

LGBTQ Modern Wedding at DTLA Millwick

But even if you’ve decided to opt for a more modern feel with your wedding, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo classic games and activities. Searching for the garter and tossing the bouquet can be as classic or as modern as you’d like it to be.

Same goes with the cake you and your loved one will slice into. Like the outfits you and your life partner to-be will don on your special day, your wedding cake can also flash some modern flair, looking as appetizing and fun as it tastes.

Modern Style Wedding Guide

Modern weddings are sure to help your special day stand out for the rest. In adding personal twists to the classic elements of the traditional wedding, you and your loved one will be sure to forge new and cherished traditions for years to come.


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