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Modern LGBT Wedding, Malibu Hills | Sarah + Corrie

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

"Love is a wildfire that cannot be contained by any mere element known to man." - Cristina Marrero

One fine afternoon in August, Sarah and Corrie finally reached the destination they were working towards for years: the altar. Held in a private location in Los Angeles, the brides’ exchanged vows and rings to symbolize the years they’ll share with each other, loving unconditionally.

They moved their loved ones, friends and family, to tears with testaments of their love and cherished moments that they’ll take with them moving on. Sara and Corrie’s passion for each other, love in its purest form, will live on as long as the golden sun rises and falls.

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Each bride started of their day in separate rooms of the private Malibu estate prior to making their way to the outdoor reception area. In one room Corrie, joined by a couple of loved ones, prepared for the hours that would follow.

Given Malibu’s more rustic and casual feel, Corrie opted for a grey tuxedo and a baby blue bowtie instead of the more formal black tux. Loved ones pinned her boutonniere on the lapel and she looked over the golden hills that she and her wife-to-be would remember for years to come.

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In a separate part of the home, Sarah got ready with family members and a few friends. The bride arrived to the private residence wearing black shorts and a custom black leather jacket. To celebrate the special occasion, her jacket displayed a skull with flowers and a banner that read “Forever.”

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From the edgy look, Sarah swapped into her delicate white gown. The dress, with a simple silhouette, boasts detailed lace work an a subtle trail that would follow her as she walks down the aisle to her bride-to-be.

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Finally, after hours of preparation, it was time to hit outdoor ceremony, where friends and family await each bride’s arrival. Exiting the Malibu home, Sarah was held by her father and stepped out into a crowd of cheers and teary eyes.

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Sarah then made her way across the aisle where Corrie waited for her at an altar that overlooked the verdant hillside. With such a natural and unique background behind them, the two brides were truly a sight to behold.

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The ceremony went underway and the two exchanged their emotional vows, recalling the first encounters they had with each other and the traits they find so dear. First was Corrie, who told her wife-to be how she felt the first time they saw each other.

“When you entered my space I knew immediately I needed to be with you,” Corrie told her fiancee. “I don’t know why, I couldn’t place it, it didn’t make sense to me. I was drawn to you in a way that was just meant to be. And we shook hands and that was it. That was the beginning of our life together.”

Her words elicited “Aw’s” from those in attendance and tears from her wife-to-be as they reminisced on how far they’ve come as a couple, all the challenges they faced and everything they’ll do together as wives.

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After Corrie, Sarah shared her own vows, promising to love her wife-to-be unconditionally as the future unfolds in front of them. “You are my hero that fights off evil spider webs by walking through them for me,” she laughed.

“I know there are no lengths that you wouldn’t go to make me happy and feel safe and loved,” Sarah read to Corrie. “I will work to make sure you feel loved, respected and heard everyday forward.”

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The two brides tied the knot and sealed their love with a kiss, bringing their loved ones to cheers and tears, excited for what the future holds for the couple. Through the future holds memories to make and challenges to overcome down the road, it also sees an entertaining reception at the Malibu home.

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The perfect weather and clear skies that lent themselves to the morning ceremony made way for the beautiful reception that was in store. One of the perks that came with the Malibu location was its versatility as both a ceremony space and a banquet hall.

Modestly decorated with string lights and communal a couple of communal tables, as opposed to multiple, smaller ones, the reception space was perfect for attendees to mingle and immerse themselves of the gorgeous Malibu landscape.

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Once the guests sat themselves down at the tables, the party started with the brides’ family members and close friends making joyous and grand entrances. Sarah’s father showed off his best moves, bringing the attendees to their feet.

The brides’ entourages also came out busting their moves, making way for the newlywed who brought the house down donning similar sneakers. Finally, the couple shared their first dance as their loved ones surrounded them.

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The energy coming into the night was unparalleled and remained unmatched as the night went on. The reception ceremony also saw a number of emotional testimonials from the couple’s friends and family. Some brought them to laughter, others moved them to tears.

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As the sun began to set, the partied continued, now with Sarah dancing with her father. It was an emotional number, but as the two side-stepped and graced the floor, you could see the pride Sarah’s father held for his daughter.

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One of the major acts of the night was Sarah sharing her own talent and singing to her wife. With the notes she belted about love and passion for Corrie, the marriage definitely started off on the right note.

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The night came to a close with the couple cutting their rustic one-tier cake and hours of dancing. With the sun completely out of sight and the stars and moon only adding to the string lights, it was clear that everyone gathered to celebrate the night away.

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Watch our highlights reel from Sarah and Corrie's big day below:


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