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Southern California beachside wedding | Kelly + Chris

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

When the love between you and your to-be spouse has been more than six years in the making, it’s no doubt that your big day will be something special.

Since meeting in 2013, Kelly and Chris have built up their relationship of laughter, encouragement and undeniable love to share their vows at the altar this August. Surrounded by friends and family, the couple shared a beautiful seaside day worth remembering.

At Manhattan Beach’s Veranda Beach House, the bride and groom to-be began their days in separate rooms in the oceanside estate. Each in beautifully decorated rooms complete with seaside views, the two dressed for the occasion.

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In one room, Chris began dressing in his navy blue ensemble, something to match the clear water on the coast. As opposed to donning the tradition black tuxedo, Chris opted for a more comfortable three-piece suit.

In addition to going for a more casual color, Kelly’s husband-to-be added some flair to his wedding day attire. Instead of the traditional flowery boutonniere, Chris pinned a Game of Thrones-themed pin onto his lapel. And just like that, Chris is ready for the ceremony.

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In another room of the Veranda Beach House, Kelly prepped for her big day with a loved one. Like Chris, Kelly opted for a more casual, but still elegant, piece for her big day. Instead of the traditional princess cut gown, the bride to-be chose an intricately decorated surplice dress.

The body of the dress featured delicate leaf appliqués sitting atop a flowy tulle skirt. Additionally, Kelly decided to go with a simple blowout and a few curls for her do, all of which sat comfortably on her shoulders. After slipping on her matching silver shoes, Kelly was ready to make her appearance.

While most brides and grooms would typically have to drive to another venue for their ceremony, Kelly and Chris just needed to walk outside into the Veranda’s simplistic outdoor event space. Only loved ones with beaming smiles greeted the two as they appeared.


Sporting his rich blue suit, Chris made his way down to the altar, smiling all the while, where the bridesmaids and his groomsmen waited for him.

Not too long after, Kelly descended down the stairs to the modestly-decorated lawn with her father. As they walked down the aisle, everyone in attendance stood up and cast a smile their way.

Once at the altar, Kelly and Chris gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes. Finally, the moment they were waiting for had arrived. As their loved ones and friends looked on, Chris and Kelly shared their moving vows.

They reminisced about the early days of their relationship, the memories they shared and the sweet moments they hope to carry on in the future as husband and wife, Mr. and Mrs.

“I promise to never stop loving you. I promise to be your best friend, your biggest fan and your champion,” Chris read to his spouse to-be. “I promise to encourage your strengths, challenge your weaknesses because you always do that for me. More importantly, I promise we will never stop laughing.”

“I’m yours and you’re mine from this day to my last day,” he continued.

After Kelly shared her own touching words, the two said their “I do’s,” bringing joy and cheer to this sunny beachside venue. They shared their first kiss as Mr. and Mrs. The joy of the ceremony, however, was far from over and would carry over to the lively reception.

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At Verandas’ spacious banquet hall, attendees toasted to Kelly and Chris who came into the room smiling like there was no tomorrow. But when you finally marry the person you’ve loved for years, how could you not?

This wedding, rife with ecstasy and excitement, continued into the night. Kelly and Chris’s big day featured the must-haves of a wedding. Their loved ones shared testimonials about the lover’s connection, bringing up old, beloved memories to pave the way for new ones.

The newlyweds cut into their two-tiered red velvet wedding cake, which was up for display around vegan cupcakes perfect for their more intimate crowd. Like all weddings, Kelly and Chris’s had an emotional first dance.

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They swayed from left to right, Kelly’s tulle skirt following every direction, as their attendees witnessed the love between them. Chris twirled Kelly, showing off the woman he became fortunate enough to call his wife.

After dancing with the woman who he will have in his life from that August day on, Chris took another important woman to the dance floor: his mother.

As touching as the couple dance numbers were, it was time to get everyone involved in the fun. Kelly and Chris’s guests joined them on the dance floor, stepping in time with the music’s beats.

Drinks flowed aplenty and the dancing was seemingly non-stop, in the best way possible.

Before the bride and groom parted ways with the loved ones who came to celebrate their day of love, one more thing had to be done. Attendees held sparklers and stood on either side of the Verandas walkway.

Holding up the sparkling flames, Kelly and Chris’s attendees lit the way as the newlyweds walked underneath. Their sparklers illuminated the couples bright future and highlighted that anything could be done together and with love.

See the highlights from Kelly and Chris's big day below:


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