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Chinese Wedding at Walt Disney Concert Hall | Bo An + Alan Li

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

"Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love." - Mother Teresa

When Bo An and Alan asked us to come along to document their big day, it was hard to say no. When we saw the mix of Chinese and American cultures, from the traditional wedding attire to a special tango number, we knew we were in for something special.

Held in various establishments in Downtown Los Angeles, Bo An and Alan Li’s big day brought color, prosperity and joy to the iconic Millennium Biltmore Hotel and the Walt Disney Concert Hall. From getting ready to the epic reception, relive the big day here.


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Like most weddings, this one’s bride and groom started their days out in separate rooms. But instead of just preparing for one ceremony, each of them got ready for two. First was the traditional.

In the bride to-be’s suite, Bo An prepared with her entourage into a Chinese garment called the qipao. The qipao is a long dress typically worn for traditional Chinese ceremonies including weddings and other formal events, such as college graduations.

Bo An’s qipao glistened with gold accents, which matched perfectly with delicate hair accessories and dangling earrings of the same color. In addition to the gold, Bo An donned a jade bangle, which represents truth, credibility, loyalty, intelligence and more in Chinese culture.

Once dressed, the beautiful bride-to-be posed with her bridesmaids and her family. It was such a special moment to see as there were incredible bouts of love even before Bo An made her way down the altar to reunite with her husband-to-be.

Over at the Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, Alan prepared for the traditional ceremony. Like Bo An, Alan donned traditional Chinese wear for this special procession. While his featured accents of gold, Alan’s qipao boast deep red and black fabric.

He accessorized the traditional garment with a slicked back hairstyle, big round sunglasses and a canvas fan bearing Chinese characters. He added flair and his own spin on a generations of traditions, making his day as groom truly his own. And with that he was ready for the ceremony.

Unlike most weddings, the two saw each other for the first time in wedding gear during the Chinese ceremony. As loved ones look on, Bo An and Alan fed each other a spoonful of a brown soup. After that, they kneeled down in front of an official, to whom they offered a cup of soup.

Afterwards, the couple moved around to various relatives, friends and loved ones, including both parties’ parents, to offer them some of the soup as well. Bo An and Alan, with this ceremony, made their mark in Chinese tradition, joining those who came before them.

The couple’s wedding day, however was far from over. Not soon after, the couples returned to their respective rooms to prepare for their classic style wedding ceremony.

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Bo An swapped her golden qipao for a pristine, long-flowing wedding gown. With the help of her bride’s maids, Bo An slipped into the dress, adorned with intricate lace designs and mesh sleeves.

Alan, too, turned in his traditional Chinese attire for the classic black tuxedo. Once dressed, he made his way down to the Downtown beauty that is the Walt Disney Concert Hall for the unforgettable wedding ceremony.

Bo An made her way to the altar with her father. Flower petals lined the walkway and attendees sat comfortably at their tables. They stood up, some teary-eyed, and applauded the beautiful bride.

The bride met her husband-to-be, beaming at the altar. They shared their heart-felt vows and exchanged their rings in front of a wedding official. They couldn’t help but bear wide smiles and shed some tears when they said their “I do’s.”

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Once they sealed their love with a kiss, the two made their way down the aisle, still smiling, as friends and family showered them with flower petals.

When the couple returned, Bo An now donning a red gown for good luck and prosperity joined the party. The newlyweds graced the banquet hall with their loved and their smile inspired others to show their happiness.

The couple mingled with their loved ones feasted on delicious foods and libations. Bo An and Alan also hit the dance floor to showcase their steamy tango dance routine. They took the first steps in the journey of their wedding in style.

The two also cut a slice of their three-tiered cake, which glittered with gold leaf decorations. As customs go, they fed each other pieces from the delectable piece of art and shared a kiss. Nothing sweeter than that!

The must-have practices of a classic style wedding crossed over with traditional Chinese wedding practices that night. Changing into one last dress, Bo An treated those in attendance to a mesmerizing traditional dance.

She danced among white rose petals in a colorful dress and ballet slippers. Her husband watched his beautiful wife, the woman he’d spend the rest of his life with, twirl and move with joy.

Bo An and Alan’s wedding day was all about paying homage to the traditions that have them on the paths to each other. It was also about making their mark and taking steps onward that leave an impression for future generations to follow.

Watch our highlights reel from Bo An and Alan's wedding below:


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